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Critical Assessment of Information Extraction in Biology - data sets are available from Resources/Corpora and require registration.


Frequently asked questions [2003-12-31]

What is BioCreAtIvE?
BioCreAtIvE is a challenge for the evaluation of text mining and information extraction systems applied to the life science (Biology) literature.
How to participate at BioCreAtIvE?
In order to participate at BioCreAtIvE challenges refer to the events pages which provides detailed information on how to register as a participant. Furthermore, the tasks pages give detailed descriptions of the current challenge's goals.
How are the results of BioCreAtIvE presented?
Although you will get the evaluated results by e-mail, there is an evaluation workshop where the results of the challenge are presented and each participating team can give a talk to explain the used strategy. In case of BioCreAtIvE I, the workshop was held in Granada, Spain, while for BC II it was held in Madrid.
How many people can participate in each team?
There is no specified number of participating people for each team.
Are there publications derived from the BioCreAtIvE challenge?
Yes, you are requested to submit a short system description paper for the workshop proceedings. A selected number of participating systems will have the possibility to publish their approach at the special issue of a peer reviewed journal. In case of the first BioCreAtIvE, a selected number of articles have been published at BMC Bioinformatics, for the second BioCreAtIvE they were published through Genome Biology.
Who should participate at the BioCreAtIvE challenge?
Everyone who is interested in the field of information extraction and text mining in biology. The previous experience showed that a variety of strategies/perspectives and participant backgrounds were successful. Potential participants include (but are not limited to) people working in the fields of bioinformatics, machine learning, NLP, information extraction and retrieval, computational linguistics, biology and biomedical informatics as well as people interested in 'bio'-ontologies. 
Does our team have to participate at all the posed tasks ?
No, you are free to submit results for any of the given tasks. You don't need to return results for all of them.