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Critical Assessment of Information Extraction in Biology - data sets are available from Resources/Corpora and require registration.

BioCreative IV

Track 5 - IAT Activity Workflow [2013-08-29]

This page describes the series of tasks to be performed for the Interactive Task (Track 5). The workflow will vary depending on whether your level of participation is Full or Partial

Participation level: Full

Deadline September 25

Biocurators involved in this activity should perform the following tasks:

  • Get access to the system assigned: URL and login information. If you don't have this information please contact one of the IAT organizers

  • Get Trained: use examples provided by the teams to familiarized with the assigned system. Also make sure you get information about the curation guidelines for the particular task

  • Perform Evaluation: curate a set of documents: a set will be done via text mining tool-unassisted curation and another set of documents using the selected text mining system.
    Save your results (if system allows).
    Track time for each activity.

  • Complete Survey: After the evaluation of the systems users should complete the survey in which they will be asked additional questions that may help elucidate their experience with the system.
    To complete Survey please click here

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    Participation level: Partial

    Biocurators involved in this activity should complete a series of short tasks developed for the system assigned and respond to a few questions

    Deadline September 30

    Select your system from the list below to access the tasks and questions:

      Argo: Annotation workflows for metabolic process-related named entities, namely chemical entities and genes or gene products.
      BioQRator: Retrieval of articles relevant to protein-protein interaction information.
      CellFinder: Annotation of gene, expression relation and cell type in text snippets from a set of articles.
      EGAS: Identification and extraction of protein-protein interaction events described over PubMed abstracts related to neuropathological disorders.
      MarkerRIF: Retrieval of articles relevant to disease-biomarker, and extraction of these entities with normalization.
      Ontogene/ODIN: Detection of Gene/Chemical/Diseases and their interactions.
      RLIMS-P: Retrieval of articles relevant to protein phosphorylation. Annotation of kinase, substrate and site with normalization.
      SciKnowMine: Triage based on pre-trained categories of interest, this demo is about mouse allele phenotypes.
      Tagtog: Annotation of gene names in full-text documents .

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