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Critical Assessment of Information Extraction in Biology - data sets are available from Resources/Corpora and require registration.

BioCreative II.5

Results and data [2010-01-13]

This Excel file contains the final, individual results of each submission received during the training and test phase of the BioCreative II.5 online challenge. Each sheet contains the scores using one of the described evaluation methods for the Interactor Normalization Task (INT) and the Interaction Pair Task (IPT), namely:

  1. raw results
  2. homonym ortholog mapped results (for the test data only)
  3. organism filtered results (for the test data only)
  4. homonym ortholog mapped and organism filtered results
For the Article Classification Task (ACT), only one sheet for each the training and test set runs exists. A detailed explanation of the individual evaluation methods and metrics is being published in the accompanying paper entitled "An Overview of BioCreative II.5" (submitted, to be announced in short here). The results of the joint FEBS Letters experiment and BioCreative challenge will be entitled "Enriching Publications with Structured Digital Abstracts - the human-machine experiment", is submitted, and will be announced here soon, too.

Additionally, all the raw data and the data after homonym ortholog mapping and organism filtering can be downloaded from the Resources section (requires you to create a registered account on this page).